The company was founded in 1963 and, since then, it has been dealing with carpentry.
The advances in production techniques have brought Campanella to specialize in medium-light carpentry over time.

The company has two operating offices of 4000 sqm. and 1000 sqm. respectively.
The company is certified ISO 9001 and its future objective is to obtain the certificates IRIS and ISO 14000.

Thanks to our technical department, we cooperate with our client’s engineering which allow us to optimize every aspect related to carpentry construction; our client’s experience is in fact integrated in product manufacturing.
As a matter of fact, relationships and partnerships are set up which makes both of us more competitive on the market. We use several last-generation software tools such as CAD 3D and the systems CAD/CAM.
One common thread of project designers is that they come with lots of workshop and design experience, so that the best compromise between design choices and production needs can be achieved.

Rack cabinets
Rack cabinets 19 wall inches
Rack cabinets 19 inches
Accessories rack cabinets
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