Aware of the importance of documenting and supporting the skills of CAMPANELLA COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE S.R.L. in providing clients with products in line with specifications, the management has set up a quality system in accordance with the Quality Assurance provisions of standard UNI EN ISO  9001:2015.
The standard precepts form the basis of a policy set up by our Management

Amongst the requirements of standards UNI EN ISO  9001:2015 CAMPANELLA COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE S.R.L. mainly considers and aims to :

  • Increase customer satisfaction with an efficient System application and processes for its regular development assuring conformity with customer’s needs and the applicable mandatory requirements;
  • Show the competence of CAMPANELLA COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE S.R.L. in regularly providing products in line with clients' needs and the applicable mandatory requirements.
Managers listed in the organizational chart are liable for the implementation of that requirements for the sector or service that falls under his responsibility.

The quality policy was set forth by the Management of CAMPANELLA COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE S.R.L. to achieve the following aims within next year:

  • Maintain its Quality System certification in conformity with the standard UNI EN ISO  9001:2015, the standard UNI EN ISO 3834-2 and UNI EN 15085.
  • Increase commercial potentials of the company by creating new production targets
  • Reduce production costs.
  • Increase productivity in terms of times.
  • Improve the level of company professionalism, and arrange specific staff training courses especially as regards quality aspects.
  • Guarantee utmost customer satisfaction by complying with the established deadlines for product realization.
In order to achieve these aims the Management will:
  • plan an adequate development of indoor and outdoor courses for staff training.
The Management makes sure that the quality policy will always be in line with organization purposes.

Other general objectives that the Management intend to pursue include:
  • Satisfy requirements applicable to their quality management system
  • Enhance efficiency of the management quality system
  • Outline and review quality objectives by using a structural framework which aims at defining and reviewing quality objectives.
  • Communicate their policy across all company divisions and make sure it is understood.
  • Review the quality policy for continuing suitability.
  • Communicate the importance of complying with clients' requirements and applicable mandatory requirements.
  • Ensure availability of resources needed to implement and keep quality management system updated, in order to regularly improve the efficacy and customer satisfaction
  • Review the quality management system at regular intervals in order to ensure adequacy, appropriateness and efficacy at all times.
The Management expects breakthrough cooperation at all levels to achieve the expected quality objectives and subsequently consolidate the position of CAMPANELLA COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE S.R.L. in the marketplace.

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