In the framework of its business activity, the company Campanella s.r.l. shall guarantee a safe working environment to protect workers’ health and safety. Preventive measures shall be introduced and adopted to encourage continuous improvements. Said commitment shall be considered an integral part of the company activity.

In this perspective the company undertakes to:
  • Comply with the legislation and agreements applicable to safety and hygiene in the workplace;
  • Guarantee that every aspect of safety is considered essential during the arrangement of new activities or reviewing the existing ones;
  • Make sure that the entire corporate structure fully participates in the achievement of safety objectives, according to duties and skills;
  • Ensure that systems and equipment, workplaces, methods of operation and organizational aspects aims to safeguard the safety of workers, company assets, third parties and the communities where the company operates;
  • Ensure that activities are managed even with the scope of preventing accidents, injuries and occupational diseases. Design, conduction and maintenance operations including cleaning of the workplace, machinery and equipment are carried out to this end;
  • Empower, inform and train subjects that contribute to the execution and concrete operation of occupational health and safety management system, each according to their duties and skills;
  • Continuously improve the management system of health and safety at work as well as prevention;
  • Periodically re-examine the same policy and implemented management system;
  • Define and inform the company divisions about safety objectives, health at work and related implementation programs;
  • Regularly monitor the safety in the workplace, by assessing the achievement of objectives and system’s functionality;
  • Provide human and tool recourses as needed;
  • Involve and consult workers, even through their safety managers;
  • Guarantee prevention and protection not only towards the employed persons, but also towards third parties who find themselves inside the company, either self-employed persons, suppliers, other, or third parties who have no working relationships with the company.
These general protection principles defined in this policy of Safety, Health and Prevention of Risks will be communicated to all interested parties, either employees or self-employed persons, suppliers, or other external companies who cooperate with the company at any title.
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